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Congratulations to the 2019 Seaborg Symposium Poster Session Winners!
Poster session winners
(From left) Poster session judges and prize winners - Dr. Marlius Castillo, Dr. Anish Nag, Vince Hipwell, Stephanie Tenney, Jason Chari, Nicholas Bernier, Ga Young (Gina) Lee, Dr. Agape Awad.
Poster Session Winners
  Nicholas Bernier   Jason Chari  
  Nicholas Bernier
Spokoyny Group
  Jason Chari
Garcia-Garibay Group
  Vince Hipwell   Gina Lee  

Vince Hipwell
Garcia-Garibay Group

  Ga Young (GIna) Lee
Sletten Group
  Stephanie Tenney  

Stephanie Tenney
Caram Group

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