Previous Seaborg Medal Recipients
  2023-24 - Professor Juli Feigon, UCLA
"Nucleic Acid Transactions and the Awesome Power of Structural Biology"
  2022 - Professor Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Stanford
"Bringing Chemistry to Life"
Paul Alivisatos

2019 - Professor Paul Alivisatos, University of California, Berkeley
"The Nanotechnology Revolution"

Glaesner Henderson

2018 - Professor Emeritus Robert Glaeser, UC Berkeley, and
Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard Henderson, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
"The Revolution in Electron Cryo-Microscopy"

  William Gelbart 2017 - Professor William Gelbart, UCLA
"Viruses, from Self-Assembly to Vaccines"
  Michael Jung 2016 - Professor Michael Jung, UCLA
"Drug Discovery: From Bench to Market"
  Stefan Hell 2015 - Nobel Laureate Professor Stefan W. Hell, Max Planck Institute Göttingen
"New Physico-Chemical Tools for New Biology"
  Wudls 2014 - Fred Wudl and Linda Wudl, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Organic Materials and their Applications"
  Ken Houk

2013 - Professor Kendall Houk, UCLA
"Computation and Experiment: Collaborations for Chemical and Biochemical Discovery"

  Harold Varmus 2012 - Nobel Laureate Dr. Harold Varmus, National Cancer Institute
"Can Scientists Make the World a Better Place through Discovery,
Dissemination, and Application of Knowledge?"
  Richard Heck 2011 - Nobel Laureate Professor Richard Heck, University of Delaware
"The Heck Reaction and Cross-Couplings"
  Tijan 2010 - Professor Robert Tjian, University of California, Berkeley
"Transcription, Stem Cells, and Differentiation"
2009 - Professor Mostafa A. El-Sayed, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Advanced Materials and Nano-Technology"
2007 - Dr. R. Stanley Williams, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
"Making and Using Functional Nanostructures"
2006 - Professor David A. Evans, Harvard University
"Frontiers in Chemical Synthesis"

2005 - Professor Ronald M. Evans, Salk Institute
"Nuclear Receptors and the Complex Journey to Obesity"
2001 - Dr. James B. Peter, Specialty Laboratories
"Interrogating Cells in Health and Disease"
1997 - Professor M. Frederick Hawthorne, UCLA
"The Role of Inorganic Chemistry in Medicine"

1996 - Dr. Mary L. Good, Under Secretary for Technology, US Dept of Commerce
1995 - Dr. George B. Rathmann, ICOS Corporation
1994 - Professor George S. Hammond, Allied Signal Corporation
1993 - Nobel Laureate Professor R. Bruce Merrifield, Rockefeller Unviersity
1992 - Dr. Ralph H. Bauer, Bauer Investments
1991 - Professor John D. Roberts, California Institute of Technology
1990 - Dr. George Gregory, Products Research and Chemical Corp.
1989 - Nobel Laureate Professor Donald J. Cram, UCLA
1988 - Dr. Warren W. Kaeding, Mobil Chemical
1987 - Nobel Laureate Professor Glenn T. Seaborg, University of California, Berkeley
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