Previous Seaborg Medal Recipients
  Wudls 2014 Fred Wudl and Linda Wudl
"Organic Materials and their Applications"
  Ken Houk

2013 Ken Houk, UCLA
"Computation and Experiment: Collaborations for Chemical and Biochemical Discovery"

  Harold Varmus 2012 Harold Varmus, National Cancer Institute
"Can Scientists Make the World a Better Place through Discovery,
Dissemination, and Application of Knowledge?"
  Richard Heck 2011 Richard Heck, University of Delaware
"The Heck Reaction and Cross-Couplings"
  Tijan 2010 Robert Tjian, University of California, Berkeley
"Transcription, Stem Cells, and Differentiation"
2009 Mostafa A. El-Sayed, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Advanced Materials and Nano-Technology"
2008 Joan S. Valentine, UCLA
"Frontiers in Metallobiochemistry"
2007 R. Stanley Williams, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
"Making and Using Functional Nanostructures"
2006 Professor David A. Evans, Harvard University
"Frontiers in Chemical Synthesis"

2005 Professor Ronald M. Evans, Salk Institute
"Nuclear Receptors and the Complex Journey to Obesity"
2004 Professor David Eisenberg, UCLA
"Interacting Proteins"
2003 Dr. Ad Bax, NIH and Professor Alex Pines, UC Berkeley
"Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine"
2002 Professor Richard E. Smalley, Rice University
"The Science and Technology of Nanotubes"
2001 Dr. James B. Peter, Specialty Labs
"Interrogating Cells in Health and Disease"
2000 Professor Daniel E. Koshland, Jr., UC Berkeley
"Receptors and Human Health"
1999 Dr. John P. McTague, Ford Research Laboratory
"Transportation & The Environment"
1998 Professor Paul D. Boyer, UCLA
"Life's Energy Currency: ATP Synthesis and Use"
1997 Professor M. Frederick Hawthorne, UCLA
"The Role of Inorganic Chemistry in Medicine"

1996 Dr. Mary L. Good, Under Secretary for Technology, US Dept of Commerce
1995 Dr. George B. Rathmann, ICOS Corporation
1994 Professor George S. Hammond, Allied Signal Corporation
1993 Professor R. Bruce Merrifield, Rockefeller Unviersity
1992 Dr. Ralph H. Bauer, Bauer Investments
1991 Professor John D. Roberts, CalTech
1990 Mr. George Gregory, Products Research and Chemical Corp.
1989 Donald J. Cram, UCLA
1988 Dr. Warren W. Kaeding, Mobil Chemical
1987 Professor Glenn T. Seaborg
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